Either if it's digitally watching a house when someone's away, collaborating with neighbours by creating a safer neighbourhood watch or making the family equally involved in a shared home climate monitoring, Minut makes it easier for you all to help out. 

Start out with hand-picking your trusted ones and add them to your home as family members or friends of the network behind your smart monitoring system. When an alarm goes off, family members will be notified immediately and if no one of you discovers the alarm your trusted friends and neighbours will be notified. Read more about the alarm function here.
The Minut app contains chat groups for both family members as well as for friends which makes it easier to connect and organise, from whatever distance there may be. 

By adding someone as a family member, they will be able to set, change and discover exceed thresholds and will be set up for shared home monitoring. If you instead add your trusted one as a friend to the Minut home, this will limit the insight and in this way, you'll decide the authority level and involvement.

If you'd like to read more about how to add a family member, check out this article and if you're about to add a friend check this one out! 

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