1. Make sure your device is fully charged

When you receive Minut it's usually not fully charged, so start out with charging it. From empty to full battery, it takes about 6 hours, though the received device's battery should be about half charged. Make sure that the device is turned ON when you charge it.

2. Tap Minuts, which you will find in the bottom menu to reach the Sensor view.

3. Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner.

4. Now you'll begin the installation, though before pressing the Start installation button, make sure you add the device in the correct home.

5. Press Minut until it glows purple and then press Connect to Minut.

6. Chose which WiFi you want to use for you Minut and type in the password. Then click on Connect Minut to Wi-Fi.

7. Mount Minut to the wanted location! If you want a little more information about where to place it and how to, have a look here.
(You can skip this step and do it later if you want to, just press OK and you'll get to the final step.)

8. Choose the room where the device is placed and name it. You can choose to call it whatever name you want under Name.

You're done! Repeat for adding another Minut to cover an even bigger area.

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