[This article describes the new version of the app. The screenshots are from the old version. With the new version, you should see Minut(s) instead of Point(s).]

  1. When you open the Minut app you'll automatically be navigated to the home view. From here, start by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner. 

2. Tap Add home and then Create a new home.

A pop-up window might appear that'll let you know you haven't allowed your phone to track location! If it does, we recommend to change the settings to allowed. Otherwise, drag the location pin to the desired location!

3. Type in a suitable name for your home. It can be everything from the actual address to something completely made up. The address might appear automatically, though this is easily deleted and changed. 

4. Tap Add home. Now you're done and up for the next task: add a Minut!

If you want to be able to turn your Minut's on and off separately, let's say you have one in the garage and wants it to be in alarm mode more often than the ones in the house. Add a separate home for it and you'll be able to do this.

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