Note: this feature is part of Minut's paid plans, Minut Standard or Minut Pro.

When something triggers Minut's event escalation, you and your family will be notified right away through the app, for you all to detect the ongoing situation. In case no family member logs into the app within 45 seconds from the escalation starting Minut, your friends will be notified as well.

Here's how you invite members to your family group and home:

  1. Go to the Groups view in the bottom menu.

2. Tap the Add person icon in the upper right corner and then press Add family member in the next view

4. Fill out your family member's email address to send the invitation. Now your newly invited family member just have to accept it by email and download the app. 

Repeat for adding more family members or go to the next step: add a friend!

How to remove a family member

To remove a member from the home, go to the Groups view. Then press the icon in the top right corner. Here you will see all existing members.

Press on the member you want to remove and choose Remove from home.

You need to be the Homeowner to remove a member of the home.

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