How many subscriptions do I need for my household?

You only need one subscription per household. 

For example, if you have two Points for your house and one for your summer house the service for all three Points will be included in one subscription. 

You can add as many "homes" as you want and as many Points as you want per home. 

What is the cost of a subscription? 

The cost is $7.99/month You can find more information about the subscription pricing here. 

Will Point work without a subscription?

Yes, but only for one person. 

Point is an all-in-one home alarm and as long as there is only one person using the alarm in the household, Point doesn't require any additional monthly subscriptions. You'll have access to all features and all data for as long as the product is alive. 

Without the Premium service, however, you won't be able to invite family, friends, or guests to your home so that they can turn on and off the alarm as they come and go. You'll also not be able to use the neighbourhood watch features, where Point is able to reach out to your trusted circle if you're not around to respond. 

The Premium service is easy to sign up for in the app and applies to the entire household. You can install as many Points in as many homes as you need. 

Read more about the service here.

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