Considerations affecting the number of required Points 

The number of Points you need for a home depends on its size, the home's layout, and what level of coverage you want.

If environment monitoring is important, you should also consider installing a Point in each room that you want to monitor closely.

Remember that it is easy to move or relocate a Point as no fixed cabled installations are required. As long as there is Wi-Fi coverage, Point will keep your home secure and monitor the home environment. 


Smaller apartments up to 70 sqm require only one Point. Point is best positioned in a central location of the home, such as the hallway or living room, as it provides the widest coverage. 

If your apartment is split into two floors, we recommend getting one Point per floor. 

Single-floor houses

For houses 50-70 sqm one Point is typically sufficient. 

If the house is bigger, we recommend installing the first Point in your hallway or close to the main entrance of the house. The second is usually placed close to a second entrance, a terrace entrance, or the living room. 

Houses with multiple floors

Similar to single-floor homes, the first Point should be installed in the hallway or close to the main entrance of the house. Typical installations have one Point per floor, but this may vary depending on your requirements. 

Additional areas to consider

For more fine-grained monitoring, here are other common areas to consider: 

  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Wine cellars
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