Considerations affecting the number of required Minut Smart Home Alarms 

The number of devices you need for a home depends on its size, the home's layout, and what level of coverage you want.

For example, if temperature and humidity monitoring is important to you, you should consider installing a Minut in each room that you want to monitor closely.

Remember that it is easy to move or relocate a Minut as no fixed cabled installations are required. The only requirement is Wi-Fi coverage. 


Smaller apartments up to 50 sqm typically only requires one Minut. The device is best positioned in a central location of the home, such as the hallway or living room, as it provides the widest coverage. 

If your apartment is split into two floors, we recommend getting one device per floor.

Even for bigger apartments, one device might be enough for basic coverage. Let's say your apartment is on the 4th floor and is 80 sqm (860 sqft) large. As the number of entry points to the apartment is very limited (normally 1 door), the first device is best installed in the hallway or entryway. 

Single-floor houses

For houses 50-70 sqm one Minut is typically sufficient. If you have two entrances, we recommend placing one device at, or close to, each entrance to ensure the motion sensor covers the area.  

Most of users install their first device in their hallway or close to the main entrance of the house. The second is usually placed close to a second entrance, a terrace entrance, or the living room. 

Houses with multiple floors

Similar to single-floor homes, the first Minut should be installed in the hallway or close to the main entrance of the house. Typical installations have one device per floor, but this may vary depending on your requirements. 

Additional areas to consider

For more fine-grained monitoring, here are other common areas to consider: 

  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Wine cellars

Sensor range

The motion detection range for the Minut Smart Home Alarm is approximately 25 sqm (269 sqft) in a circle around the unit when mounted at a standard ceiling height at 2,4 meters (7,9 ft). 

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