By setting your Minut's features to certain limits you will get notifications when these are exceeded. In this way you'll be able to customize Minut after your own personal preferences. Though it's important to keep in mind that the settings and sensors also work together for Minut's characteristics. 

Please note that these are guidelines and suggestions only and the recommended settings may differ depending on where the device is placed.

When the Minut detects sound in a quiet room, the levels are around 30dB. This is, for the human ear, a quiet surrounding. That is why the sound graph begins at 30dB in the app.  Since the dB scale is logarithmic, this gives you very precise measurements for levels higher than 40dB, aka when there is relevant noise detected
Here are some useful reference values: 

- a conversation at a “normal” level is 50-60 dB,
- a lawn mower 75 dB
- a rock concert 110 dB. 

You can read  more about decibel and noise levels here.

By setting a certain noise level you can get notified when the music's too loud back home or when your Airbnb guests play music until dawn. 

To prevent the formation of mold in your home the relative humidity should be below 60 %. The ideal interval is between 30 and 50 %. If your Minut displays a humidity above 60 % for a prolonged period of time or if you find signs of mold it may be a good idea to contact a mold inspection company.

We won’t suggest a temperature interval as this is solely based on your own personal preference. Though this feature will notify you in unexpected situations such as when a window accidentally has been left open, a break-in has occurred or the heating system has broke down in your absence. 

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