What is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. This device enables the user to use voice interaction, voice commands. It is also a home-automatization system and can be used to control other smart devices, such as Point.

Point and Alexa?

You can now use Alexa to arm and disarm the alarm with voice control. This integration is currently only available to users who have their phone langue set to English (U.S.) 

Example phrases: “Alexa, arm 250 Fell Street in away mode”, “Alexa, disarm 250 Fell Street”. 

How do I connect Point to Alexa?

First, make sure that your language settings in your Phone is set to English (U.S.).

To connect your Point with Alexa, use the Alexa app or website alexa.amazon.com and follow these steps:

  1.  Choose Skills & Games (only Skills on website) in the upper left menu, and search for “Minut” in the search box. Click on the Point Smart Home Alarm.

2. Click on the button Enable To Use. (Enable on the website, in the right corner.)

3. They now ask you to log in to you Minut-account. Fill in your credentials and click Continue.

(When doing this on the website a new tab will open where they ask you to log in to you Minut-account. Make sure that your web browser settings allow pop-up window).

4. Accept to connect an application.

5. Select which home you want to connect to Alexa and choose a four digit pin code in the bar under. Click Ok.

6. You’ve successfully connected your Point to your Alexa!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ping hello@minut.com.

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